2040 is a documentary assessing how we can manage the Earth in the next 20 years.

Award-winning director Damon Gameau embarks on journey to explore what the future would look like by the year 2040 if we simply embraced the best solutions already available to us to improve our planet and shifted them into the mainstream.

Structured as a visual letter to his 4-year-old daughter, Damon blends traditional documentary footage with dramatised sequences and high-end visual effects to create a vision board for his daughter and the planet.

In a time where there is so much to factually worry about the environment and our future, this film provides such positive perspectives with many exapmles of what can be done now that has so many benefits today and for the future, so 2040 can actually look a way better than 2019 currently does to us.

Children of many ages and in different environments are all giving their perspectives and being taken seriously with their thoughts and ideas valued. In a time when we all look up to Greta Gutenberg, we new this kind of fresh insight, that we adults have totally forgotten ourselves.

This documentary gives so much information about achievable steps for a constructive future that everyone can contribute to, in such an open and engaging format. Damon is not afraid to tackle the hardest issues like over-population, suggesting that ensuring girls all over the world have access to education, and subsequently also to birth control, is the single best way to tackle population growth.

Sit up and pay attention. Then stand up and do these things we can all actually do.

1h 32min | Documentary | English subtitles