Take time out with baby-friendly screenings of the latest releases


We understand that being a new parent is a rewarding, yet sometimes demanding, experience.

The Flicks Mums & Bubs Sessions are our special film screenings designed for you and your little one. This is a place to leave behind your stresses, escape from the everyday and lose yourself in the latest releases.

Remember, while you’re with us, you’re our guest. From the moment you get here to the moment you leave, we’ll do everything we can to make you and your baby feel welcome and comfortable.

These screenings, every Friday morning at 10.30am at The Flicks 1, are only for parents and guardians and their babies. So there’s no need to worry about disturbing other guests while your film’s playing.

Softer volume. Ever-so-slightly brighter lights. Our special in-screen conditions are a lullaby to your baby. This is a peaceful setting, where you can gently rock your little one away to the land of nod and ease yourself into the world on-screen.

Kids under 5 only pay for their parent’s cover charge.

FRIDAY NOVEMBER 4 at 10.30am at The Flicks 1:

Eddie Murphy in MR. CHURCH

Please reserve your spot(s) for this session.