City of Ghosts

Jimmy Cremmins (Matt Dillon) has been working as a front man for a bogus insurance company set up by his longtime mentor, Marvin (James Caan).

In the aftermath of a disastrous hurricane, claims against their fabricated coverage come pouring in. With Marvin living as an expatriate in Southeast Asia, Jimmy is forced to face the subsequent chaos and investigation on his own.

He decides instead to flee and re-group with Marvin in Asia, against Marvin’s wishes.

After a short stay in Bangkok, Jimmy goes to Cambodia in search of Marvin.

During his pursuit he finds himself a stranger in the mysterious and often hostile environs of Southeast Asia.

With the aid of the duplicitous Kaspar, another of Marvin’s business associates, Jimmy eventually finds Marvin, who attempts to convince Jimmy to join him in his latest venture, the development of a large scale casino with a Cambodian ex-general.

But Cambodia is another world – one in which the rules are different, a world where violence isn’t merely a threat but a reality–and even the savvy Marvin ends up in over his head.

As Jimmy finds himself drawn further down a darkening path of deception, it also becomes his path of self-discovery.

Also starring Gérard Depardieu and Natascha McElhone. Written and directed by Matt Dillon, this one of the first movies actually shot in Cambodia after the Khmer Rouge.

R | 1h 56min | Crime, Drama, Thriller