On Her Shoulders

Twenty-three-year-old Nadia Murad’s life is a dizzying array of exhausting undertakings-from giving testimony before the U.N. to visiting refugee camps to soul-bearing media interviews and one-on-one meetings with top government officials.

With deep compassion and a formal precision and elegance that matches Nadia’s calm and steely demeanor, filmmaker Alexandria Bombach follows this strong-willed young woman, who survived the 2014 genocide of the Yazidis in Northern Iraq and escaped the hands of ISIS to become a relentless beacon of hope for her people, even when at times she longs to lay aside this monumental burden and simply have an ordinary life.

On Her Shoulders traces one woman’s incredible journey to offer an inside look at modern political advocacy – and a challenge to viewers yearning to effect their own change.

On Her Shoulders is a film that will strike a chord for everyone and encourage one to take action and no longer sit on the sidelines.

1h 35min | Documentary, Biography | English subtitles