Our paintings for sale!

The famous Flicks-paintings by the legendary Phnom Penh-based Dutch artist Peter Klashorst are for sale at The Flicks. Signed by the painter himself and if you want we can arrange a meet-and-greet in the near future. All paintings are for sale for $250 each. Some of them listed here are already sold off. Come see them in real life in our lobby.

Woody Allen

Angelina Jolie


City of Ghosts – Matt Dillon

Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe – SOLD

The Godfather

The Terminator

Silvester Stallone

Marilyn Monroe

Elvis Presley

George Clooney

Ryan Gosling

Lord of War – Nicolas Cage


Forrest Gump – Tom Hanks

Angelina Jolie – Tombraider

Scarlett Johansson