Private Sessions

The movie room at The Flicks Community Movie Theater on Street 95 is available for private sessions at most possible times and on the most possible dates (when booked 8 days ahead for the peak hours from 4pm to 10pm).

Except on Saturdays and Sundays from 2pm on.

Do check with our current movie schedule(s) if your desired time is still available.

Our movie room seats 32 people in total per screening.

The costs:
Before 6pm: $45 per movie session
(last sessions can start at 4.30pm)
After 6pm: $55 per movie session
(last session can start at 9.30pm)

You pick your desired date, time slot and movie title (we don’t have a catalogue available). And we’ll make sure there will be enough popcorn and cold drinks (not included)!

Simply fill out the form below.

Please know the following details:

We do not accept requests made by personal assistants or nannies.
We are a community venue and like to stay personal with the people who desire a private session. We simply find it weird if people send their nanny.

We would also love it if you have been to The Flicks before. You will love the better picture of it with your own experience and this way we don’t get awkward questions like “Can you fit my 90 students in your cinema?”, “Do you also sell drinks?”, “Do you have popcorn” and the best “Can you confirm your location again?”… 🙂

One movie session covers the screening of one movie, so the rent of the movie room covers approximately 120 minutes, depending on the duration of the movie of your choice.

We DO NOT AND CAN NOT PLAY DVD’s. We try to obtain the digital big-screen cinema edition of your desired film for you. This also means you can not bring your own dvd.

If your desired movie is currently screening at any of the big multiplex cinemas in town, we will not be able to screen it as we are not licensed and lawfully allowed to do so for at least the first 3 to 6 months.

We have no availability to Khmer subtitles for any of our screenings. Our apologies.

With kids parties, at least one English speaking adult is required to stay with the group at all times.

Please make your booking at least 8 days ahead, so it does not conflict with currently scheduled movies. We create our new schedule weekly on Thursdays.

The full payment of the rental fee is required to be paid one week ahead, to secure your chosen date and time – at The Flicks (weekdays open from 4pm). We have had too many last-minute cancellation by people saying “that it’s very hard to get everybody together on time” while we actually reserved that entire time-slot for them…

It is not allowed to bring your own food and drinks, unless exceptions (like birthday cakes) are communicated with the us by email. We hope you understand this.


Reserve a private session

If you want to contact us for any other reason, please use our contact details here.