The Call of the Wild

Adapted from the beloved literary classic, THE CALL OF THE WILD vividly brings to the screen the story of Buck (Harrison Ford), a big-hearted dog whose blissful domestic life is turned upside down when he is suddenly uprooted from his California home and transplanted to the exotic wilds of the Alaskan Yukon during the Gold Rush of the 1890s.

As the newest rookie on a mail delivery dog sled team–and later its leader–Buck experiences the adventure of a lifetime, ultimately finding his true place in the world and becoming his own master.

The Call of the Wild proves that you can teach an old dog new tricks. Thanks to a cute puppy and charming characters, Jack London’s classic novel, which has translated poorly to the big screen thus far, finally comes to life here.

PG | 1h 40min | Adventure, Drama, Family