The Flicks ends in ’22

Yes, The Flicks Community Movie Theater, existing since 2009, will end at its current location in May 2022.

The Flicks is a fully operational, profitable, well-respected and highly popular little movie theater in Phnom Penh, in operation since 2009.

In May 2022 our lease will end and the landlord is oblivious about The Flicks and wants to sell his land to the next upcoming property developer. The Flicks will probably be a high-rise condo in 2025. That’s okay, we are having our fun now!

But if you are anxious in continuing The Flicks at another location and under your management, get to know the facts below and contact us.

Our air-conditioned movie room is outfitted with a high-end Dolby cinema audio system and a digital video projector as well as a drinks and snack bar containing large refrigerators, full audio system, a digital POS system, and a popcorn maker.

We sell more than 8,000 movie tickets annually and have an excellent reputation in Phnom Penh as online on TripAdvisor and their Certificates of Excellence.

With this current setup the owner lives in the apartment downstairs and shares this 4-bedroom apartment with the volunteers (who run the business) that live on premises.

The Flicks is fully established and owns solid marketing enabled social networking channels, a giant mailing list, website and regular clientele.

Detailed financial accounts are available over the past years for those genuinely interested.

Do understand that with taking over The Flicks Community Movie Theater it is more about taking over a lifestyle than taking over a business. Currently the venue is fully run by volunteers while owner Ramon Stoppelenburg manages it all, mostly remotely, while being a digital nomad and traveling around the world. The Flicks runs that well, that this is a unique possibility.

Contact Ramon Stoppelenburg at for more information.