The Etruscan Smile

1h 43min | Drama | no subtitles

The Etruscan Smile stars acclaimed British actor Brian Cox as Rory MacNeil, a rugged old Scotsman who reluctantly leaves his beloved isolated Hebridean island and travels to San Francisco to seek medical treatment.

The colourful character stays with his son and his family. Rory finds his precious days left alive transformed as he bonds with his baby grandson.

Based on the bestselling novel “La sonrisa etrusca” written by the Spanish economist and author José Luis Sampedro in 1985.

Produced by the Swiss six times Oscar winner Arthur Cohn, and he might be able to pocket another award for this one next year.

“…Stirs the audience to tears….Countless sons all over the world are likely to feel addressed by this film. Perhaps they’ll manage to imagine their fathers with a smile.”
RND – Matthias Halbig

“When leaving the cinema, one smiles – with a tear. This tear reflects the heartbreaking plot of the international bestseller “The Etruscan Smile. It’s a beautiful old-fashioned film about the primal issues of humanity – family, understanding, love and misunderstandings. It’s a love movie that makes you want to live again.”
Bild – Norbert Körzdörfer

“Ultimately, this is about the most important journey: from life to death. Brian Cox does not let the grumpy old man degenerate into a joker, but equips him with dignity. What a demanding, difficult father he was, becomes clear in credible arguments he has with his son Ian – the emotional scars are still noticeable. The unusual title explains itself at the end of the story. Viewers should go home with a smile on their face.”
WDR – Andrea Burtz