Cambodian Cinema:
The Last Reel

Any screening of this movie needs specific permission from its Cambodian filmmaker and has a separate cover charge.

The Cambodian director Kulikar Sotho ventures herself into her first time director adventure on this emotional journey over the search of a missing film. Starring Rous Mony, Ma Rynet, Dy Saveth, Hun Sophy and Sok Sothun among others, “The Last Reel” tells a story about love, loss and redemption.

In the city of Phnom Penh in Cambodia. Sophoun, the rebellious daughter of a colonel, lives her life to the limit, being part of a local street gang. But when one day her father returns home with another proposal of marriage, Sophoun flees from her home, which is collapsing for her, and seeks refuge in an abandoned cinema.

There, to his surprise, she will meet the owner of the cinema with whom she will strike up a curious friendship, but she will also find an unfinished film from the 70s, a melodrama starring her own mother, who is now ill, showing a young and glamorous woman.

A story of the past. A story of a different world and time.

It is from that moment on that they both decide to find the missing reel and reconstruct the missing ending from the film.

What cannot be denied is that this movie has true love inside its core, not only for cinema, but for life in general. “The Last Reel” has an implicit love for cinema that in some moments reminds us of “Cinema Paradiso”.

All that search for the lost film within the film itself is nothing more than an action to find oneself and to re-encounter with the ghosts of the past. To be able to be at peace with yourself.

The reality is that “The Last Reel” is a breakthrough and a strong push for Cambodian’s cinema industry, proving that it can become a powerful one if more films like this are made. For all the stories that were lost and for all the others that are still to be told.

2014 ‧ Drama ‧ 1h 46m – Khmer language, English subtitles