The Last Reel

The Last Reel is an inspirational new feature film from Cambodia, directed by Sotho Kulikar.

This movie has it’s own cover charge of $4 per screening.

1h 46min | Drama

The Last Reel was officially chosen by the Cambodia Oscar Selection Committee (COSC) to represent Cambodia for the Foreign Language Film Award of the 88th Oscars ceremony.

The Last Reel is about a lost film buried beneath the Killing Fields which reveals different versions of the truth.

In an abandoned cinema, rebellious teenager Sophoun discovers an old film starring her mother, offering her the chance to dictate her own destiny at last, but at the cost of uncovering some dark secrets from the past about her parents lives during the Khmer Rouge regime.

The Last Reel is one of the first feature films to be directed by a Cambodian woman, debutante Director Sotho Kulikar, and was shot entirely on location in Cambodia during 2013 with a cast of leading local talent, including Ma Rynet, Dy Saveth, Sok Sothun, Hun Sophy and Ros Mony.

The story takes place in modern-day Cambodia, but memories of the country’s gloomy past are ever-present.

The acting and the quality of filming are superb, while the crackling energy of modern-day Phnom Penh is expertly captured.

The Flicks: This movie is dedicated to the victims of Cambodian movies who were purged under the Khmer Rouge ruling. We suppose that the title “The Last Reel” implies the lost years in Cambodian movie history during the Khmer Rouge era. If so, to film the last reel again means to inherit and revive once flourished Cambodian movies. And that already, is worth your applause at the end.

This film is definitely the best film Cambodia has seen for decades.