Presented by The Embassy of the Czech Republic in Phnom Penh. Reservations required (see below).

The temptation is apparently old as humanity itself. But it does not only mean the sexual temptation. It is also a search for self-confidence, relationship balance, and an effort to keep the “right guys” from hiding. The effort that connects women of virtually all ages and character.

The film comedy “Women in temptation” offers a humorous exaggeration of the woes of everyday life of passionate women and their male counterparts, which can be solved with humor, ease and without losing head.

We hereby notify that Czech film comedy “Women in temptation” will be screened at The Flicks on August 1 and 2, 2019 under the auspices of The Embassy of the Czech Republic in Phnom Penh. The screening starts at 6pm.

Reservations are required for this screening through Hang Sothea at the e- mail: or by phone: 096-303-3302.

1h 58min | Comedy | 2010 | Zeny v pokusení (original title)