The Flicks

The Flicks is located on the 2nd floor of an old Khmer villa and featuring a breezy green terrace, an air conditioned lobby and a movie room that seats 32 people.

We have become priceless! You can have any of our cold drinks, beers, spirits, snacks and popcorn. It is self-service. Our entire movie theater is based on community support. You simply leave a supportive donation in the basket on the bar.

Our venue also contain the +500 books from the Phnom Penh Book Exchange, so you are welcome to swap your (English and original, preferrably) fiction books at The Flicks too. Next to this we also sell the products of our local social enterprises Suck On That, Coco Khmer and Bumblebee Soap.

We prefer not to be available by phone, however you can contact us here.